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Fabricator & Supply of all lifting Accessories

PETROLIFT works with major manufacturers in the lifting gear industry to provide our clients with state-of-the art equipment and accessories.

Crosby, Quality lifting fitting manufacturers .       Crosby

PETROLIFT offers the complete Crosby Group Catalogues of lifting and rigging equipment and accessories. The Crosby Groups is a world renowned source for lifting and rigging equipment and accessories of the highest level of quality. The Crosby group has achieved the standard of manufacture that competitors all over the world are still trying to reach. They have built a reputation of uncompromised quality because of their heavy-duty items designed to withstand harsh working field conditions. PETROLIFT prides itself in being a supplier of Crosby’s wide range of products using an easy to navigate online catalogue system. We ensure the best pricing to all products. Do not hesitate to contact us regarding ordering needs and requirements.

Crosby Catalogue: